Thursday, April 23, 2015

Library Resources

As the semester comes to an end, you are probably wondering
how you are going to juggle everything
—research papers, finals, assignments—
and how you’re going to make time for it all!! 

One area that a lot of students tend to struggle with is how to effectively search for research articles within our library. Recently, we visited with Michael Saar, who is a reference librarian at Lamar University. He gave us some helpful tips that we would like to share with all of you!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the librarians for help! After all, that’s why they are there!! You can always call and make an appointment with them for more personalized assistance. They are located on the first floor of the library in room 108, which is behind the student assistance desk. 
  • Did you know our library has a youtube page? Go to to view short, 5-minute videos on search techniques as well as other topics that you mind find helpful!
  • If you are having trouble searching for articles, think about the concept of what you are looking for. How is the subject described? Usually, we search with key words which are usually nouns. Taking out words such as is, the, and, and because could help improve your search dramatically! Also ask yourself, “How else could I describe this topic? What are one or two word phrases that could describe the topic I am looking for?” The more you are able to narrow down your concept or subject term, the better. 
  • Since we are Health Science majors, Mr. Saar recommended 3 databases that could be of specific assistance to us: CINAHL, Communication and Mass Media Complete, and the academic version of Health Source. All databases could provide helpful information, but these three could potentially provide good information pertinent to our particular fields of study. 
  • And finally, did you know that if our library does not currently have an article available you could request an Inter-library Loan? Our librarians are able to request articles, books, and other audio or visual materials from other libraries for a specific amount of time for our use!

We wish you a worry-free end of the semester!!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Your Speech and Hearing Family

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Taking Care of Yourself

The end of our spring 2015 semester is approaching fast. 
Deadlines for assignments, research papers, 
final exams, and notebook due dates are impending. 

Feeling stressed yet?

 Kearston Burton, LEAD mentor, suggests this TED Talk video to put things into perspective.

"Just because we all struggle with this…its a bit lengthy but definitely watch it when you get about 18 free mins. It gave me chills and changed my life! I hope that we all strive to be people that encourage ourselves and one another in ways that foster an overall love for mankind." 

Good Luck in all of your end of semester projects!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work 

Your Speech and Hearing Family