Friday, November 7, 2014

Did you know...

Hello All!

Two Important Announcements

  • Phonetic Tutoring Class ... on Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 5 pm, in Room 170 
  • Resume Class ... on Friday, Nov. 14th, 9 am, in Room 190

As we move into November, academic advising is ongoing; in preparation  for the  spring semester we have put together a few helpful tips:
  • Did you know...Phonetic study group meets Wednesday, November 12th at 5 pm
  • Did you are invited to the Resume Class by Mrs. Dockens  on Friday, Nov. 14th, at 9 am, in Room 170 
  • Did you know... that talking to instructors about grades can be easier than you think?
  • Did you know...the Spring semester only offers certain classes, and some of those classes need prerequisites?
  • Did you know...when you complete the HIPAA class online, you can observe your mentor in clinical setting?
  • Did you know...we are collecting class notes to help you with course work?
  • Did you know...we can supply you with the SLP and Audiology scope of practice, grad schools in Texas, Lamar Graduate Speech and Hearing requirements, Speech Language Pathology Assistant Scope of practice, and SLPA requirements.
  • Did you know...the Resources page will be periodically updated with new links to help you.


Three factors that influence completion of a degree:
1. Will and determination (invest time in sustaining)
2. Time on Task
3. Good relationship with faculty members(invest time in building and sustaining these relationships)
(Note what is not on this list - GPA)

Rossman, M. (2002). Negotiating graduate school: A guide for graduate students. Thousand Oaks, CA.: Sage Publications.
Lovitts, B. E. (2001). Leaving the ivory tower. Boulder, CO: Lowman and Littlefield.

In essence, time management involves:
  • Effective time management comes down to choices.
  • Good choices lead to better results, while poor choices lead to wasted time and energy.
  • Time management gives you a framework to make better decisions on how to spend your time, but in the end, it is up to you to actually make the tough choices.

Staying On Task and Studying:
  • Change your work setting for variety and stimulation
  • Have a variety of tasks ready so you can do one that inspires you or you have energy for in the moment (reading, annotating, writing, organizing)
  • Turn off the phone
  • Rest your eyes by looking up every 5 minutes
  • Exercise 5 minutes every hour
  • Keep hydrated

Time-Saving Tips and Wellness/Leisure
  • Books on tape while you drive
  • Exercise partner who will listen to you talk
  • Always have reading with you for doctor’s office visits, train/bus/metro waits, etc.
  • Use books on tape while doing something mindless like exercise
  • Treadmill exercise while reading
  • Schedule # of study hours each week and stick to it
  • Note pad by your bed

Hope to see you soon!

Team Work makes the Dream Work

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